Our vision for 2050

Local smart grids where home owners and businesses are “prosumers” – both producing and consuming energy. Initiatives such as demand side management, smart meters, domestic battery storage and grid2vehicle/ vehicle2grid all contribute towards flattening the load profile of the grid throughout the day.   SMR technology deployed regionally provides access to both clean power and decarbonised heat. 

The local smart grids are centrally backed by a fleet of nuclear power plants, renewable generation, and energy storage facilities. Central generation provides the reliability and the flexibility required to ensure a safe, secure supply.  There are limited remaining fossil fuel based generation used when demand requires and to ensure the stability of grid with new technologies. 

How can the vision be achieved?

Electric Vehicles

Both the UK and France have recently made bold, historical decisions in the energy transition journey by restricting the sale of all new combustion engines by the year 2040. 

Electric Vehicles will be a catalyst to the energy transition and the nuclear industry can both support and share in its success.

Small Modular Reactors

The use of small modular reactors in both developed and developing nations, is key to achieving our vision for 2050.

We aim to provide solutions to the challenges the industry faces in opposition, legislation and competition from the other energy sectors.

Development of Young Talent

We envisage that the education of younger generations in Nuclear Power will ensure both greater longevity, and reduced opposition to the Nuclear Industry in the future. 

Energy Storage

Energy storage schemes are an integral part of our vision for 2050 that will ensure a greater reliability and security of supply from smart energy grids of the future.  

Energy Storage comes in a variety of different models and technologies and as part of our vision we have researched into the technologies that we believe will part of the energy storage mix in 2050.

Access to Live Energy Consumption

We believe that access and understanding of national energy consumption will be critical to achieving Vision 2050.  As such we have provided live links to both the UK and French energy generation data to ensure more people access this information.

Understanding national and global energy trends will lead to increased awareness and act as a driver for individuals to change their energy patterns.

Successful Implementation of Smart Meter Technology

Smart meters are a clear enabler of the Energy Transition and are part of the critical path of Vision 2050.   Without Smart Meter technology, concepts such as vehicle to Grid / Grid to Vehicle and Demand Side Management cannot be achieved.  

We will assess the successful implementation of Smart Meters in Italy, and state how other nations can learn from this success. 

Enablers to our Vision


For our vision to become a reality, there are a number of key projects that will act as enablers, ensuring that when nations move away from fossil fuel generation they can still ensure the security of supply. These enablers are discussed in detail within this report and the learning can be applied to all nations…quite simply these enablers will generate success.   

Challenges to our vision

There are a range of challenges that provide a clear threat to enabling our vision of 2050 to become a reality, the clearest of which is the use of fossil fuels for energy generation. For decades, the energy industry has relied on fossil fuels to provide a reliable, flexible and relatively inexpensive source of energy.  Fossil fuels are likely to stay available and inexpensive and as such the market may continue to favour this option until clean energy is provided as a cheaper option.  Find out more about our solutions to the challenges below:


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